If Customers Are Near Your Business, Reach Out To Their Phones!

TAPLocal Marketing is an innovative digital marketing company which eagerly engages small to medium size businesses that are ready for substantial growth.

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Have you ever seen potential customers walk by your business and wish you could immediately reach out to them?

TAPLocal Push sends low priority push notifications directly to potential customer’s phones within a specified range. Using our customer facing device that comes with TAPLocal Text, with a ‘built in’ beacon you won’t have to do a thing. We create the ad, you watch customers come through your doors. Additionally when they opt in, that new customer just became a return customer.


Ad clicks are increasing 70% year over year, and ad click-through rates are increasing 160%

Worldwide, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users

Mobile makes up 66% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, up from 49% one year ago

There are now more than 40 million active small business Pages on Facebook

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Here are some of our amazing clients thoughts! View all the testimonials & reviews

TAPLocal has some very skilled creative people. Trying to get my web design business off the ground and needed a serious infusion of traffic. TAPLocal gave me a very aggressive Click Ads campaign that definitely pushed the right people to me. A year later Im expanding to a new office with new developers.

Jason Baker

Lion Share Management

TAP Local Offer Ads give us so much flexibility when looking for new customers. We can selectively choose which items to discount, how much to offer per coupon and choose the online audience we want. It's really quite a cool experience to have someone walk into our shop and present their phone with our coupon it. Gives a little boost knowing people are looking at our stuff.

Katie Greenman

Spill The Wine. Minneapolis, MN.

Lauren is the most amazing, funny gal that I've talked to in a very long time! I was having a very tough day & I ending up getting a call from a random number. Thank Allah that I answered because that call turned my day around! The business is awesome. But the customer service is definitely what got me. This review would be pages & pages long lol. I could go on & on about her. She was both persistent & consistent. Her knowledge of the business is why I went home bragging about her being my go to gal for the marketing of my business. I can't get enough. I would DEFINITELY refer my all of my business peers to TAPLocal in the near future! Go LAUREN!!

Ria Thompson

Hairphoria Boutique, Madison WI

I had a great experience with Kristin Leitz from Tap. She was absolutely wonderful in helping create my ad and drive my business up. Kristin is very polite and professional, I highly recommend her to all.

Justin Gill

Gill Home Services, Mesa AZ

I was a bit skeptical at first. However so Happy I invested . I have had a number of leads. I am sure I will have more.. customer service was great. 85% more lead thanks to Lauren For helping ASAP Towing

Christopher Williams

ASAP Towing, North Carolina

Danielle worked hard to figure out all the options to maximize our program (business listings). I've seen very positive results and an increase of our customer base. I appreciate all of her hard work and communication during the process of getting us set up.

Dana Mcneil

Volume Rate Liquors, Denver CO

Joey at TAPLocal has always been very helpful and checks in with me once a week to see if there is anything I need or he can do for me. I highly recommend this company to all new or existing businesses. They can get the word out!!

Cynthia Hodges

The Scrub Shop, Yucca Valley CA

Quick friendly service with results that were unexpectedly achieved so quickly. I signed up with TAPLocal just over a month ago, and got my first phone lead via google search the other day. It was such a pleasant surprise as its a process to build your online presence that doesn't happen over night. My account representative is awesome about keeping me in the loop with tips on how to make my presence more effective online. He takes the time to explain, show me via screen share and has been very upfront and honest that results can take time. It took less time than I expected and I could not be more excited about my business's online presence thanks to TAPLocal

Jennifer Hampson

Blue Water Consulting Inc, Sandpoint ID

A Must have for every business! Not even our first 60 days in we had seen an increase of 1500% of calls coming in from Google. We have a high focus on digital media for our agents here. Our company is now populating on Google and other search engines organically and accurately across multiple platforms. Between there super competitive prices and great customer service. We are able to focus our efforts better. Thanks TapLocal and Thanks Joey G.

Joe Hensley

Cathlee's Real Estate, Sullivan, MO

Everyone that we dealt with at TAPLocal has been very professional. Danielle is very pleasant and has been very good at contacting us and keeping us in the loop about our progress. We are very pleased at the level of professionalism from TAPLocal.


Raven Vape, New Hampshire

Joey at TapLocal Marketing has gone above and beyond quality customer care and gained our trust and appreciation for his dedication to our business needs. Our questions are always answered, helpful insight is given and the follow-up has been phenomenal. Thanks TapLocal Team!

Amy Grover & Kaley Farnsworth

Jeanne's School of Dance, Chandler AZ

"TAPLocal Marketing has hit the mark with service they have promised. My sales have increased by 25% and I am no marketing guru, but what they are doing is working. My experience with them especially my account manager Danielle has been completely enjoyable and professional."

Gary Palmer, Owner

Gary Ray's Diner, Maysville, Missouri

I have completely enjoyed my experience working with Krystal from Tap Local Marketing. Krystal has an in-depth knowledge of the online marketing environment and she utilizes that expertise as she assists her clients in creating effective, targeted advertising messages.

Amy Hansen, VP Of Operations

Coaction Group, Chandler, AZ

TAPLocal seems to be impacting our footprint in the area we selected to target. As a new retail startup, we are thriving in what is supposed to be a retail dead time. We attribute this to the help of TAPLocal in getting our brand in front of potential customers consistently.

Phillip Kidd, Owner

Coastal Cell Phones, Darien, GA

"I would highly recommend TapLocal marketing; they have been a life saver for me when it comes to making sure my business is completely up to date on all social/online avenues. As a business owner knowing all my business images, info, links, products and services are always correct on google, facebook, yelp, mapquest etc allows me to work on my day to day. TapLocal sends me monthly reports and schedules calls to make sure I understand the statics and traffic going to my website. TapLocal also has a very user friendly back end that allows me to make adjustments as well. Their customer service makes it that much easier, thank you TapLocal."

Katie Simon, Owner

Blue Fox Branding. Gilbert, AZ

Account Manager Testimonial - “My account manager has listened to me and worked with me from the beginning. She has made sure to address all my needs in a timely manner and has been excellent at maintaining contact with me. She always offers suggestions to continue to enhance my services with TAPLocal to benefit my business. Krystal truly cares about my business and provides great work.”

Mike Clingman, Owner

Bonham Vapor, TX

I have been very pleased with TAPLocal Click Ads and Push Marketing. The service keeps getting better and better. I signed up with TAPLocal for the ease of use and the ability to grow my customer base and get new people in the door. I am always being offered suggestions to keep enhancing my business. Being able to send out promotions to my customers via text continues to have a positive impact. I am very excited to be working with TAPLocal Marketing.

Mike Clingman, Owner

Bonham Vapor, TX

"TAP Text Marketing did everything they said they were going to do. Every contact was professional. Installation was seamless. Our processing didn’t skip a beat. New, EMV-compliant equipment, made our processing faster and more reliable. Processing costs went down by 25%. We now get our AmEx funding the next day instead of waiting for 3 or 4 days. What’s not to love?"

Cody Adams

Coker Flooring. Dallas, TX.

"My company Glass King Inc. recently hired TAP Text Marketing for our online marketing. At first I was reluctant to even speak with them being I have switched a couple of times and did not want to bother entertaining another proposal. But I am thrilled I made time for this company and sat down with one of the most dynamic sales representatives I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only did Chris show me how to save thousands off my current level of business but he also helped me integrate our company software (Mhelp) to utilize the credit processing part of the program which saves me time and money on each transaction. The one issue I had in the past with these processing companies is their knack for keeping hidden charges out of view and not providing full disclosure on all variables involved in transitioning from one provider to another. This was not the case with TAP they delivered at the highest level of customer service I could expect from any company and kept all their promises. My transition was seamless with 0 down time just like they promised and that means a lot to me as an owner. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in the market or needs a better service company to represent their processing side of business. This is a A+ company and you will do well to get them aligned with your business"

Jay S. Catena

Glass King Inc. & Chandler Glass. Chandler, AZ.

"To be honest, we were afraid to switch providers. We’d heard promises before that never came true. We had difficult provider transitions before. We felt like we had some pretty demanding technical requirements. TAP Text Marketing assured us that they could handle all of the particulars. Worked out perfectly, with no major issues. Great support team from first contact. Best we’ve ever found!"

Katie Greenman

Spill The Wine. Minneapolis, MN.

"It felt like I was actually speaking with a true expert from the very first sit-down appointment. The Secure Merchant Relief Program delivered! EMV compliance. Lower costs. Faster funding. TAP Text Marketing is an easy choice."

Jason Baker

Lion Share Management. Scottsdale, AZ.

Easy installation and service switch-over. And as promised, our overall processing costs have gone down. We take a fairly high percentage of card transactions in our business. Lower cost means more profit. Taking card transactions is a little less painful now. Thanks TAP Text Marketing!

Joseph Marisco

Alize and Andre's Restaurants. Las Vegas, NV.