Guaranteed Exposure To People Living Around Your Business

Quality Over Quantity

Increase your Facebook & Instagram visibility with 6X frequency!

Effective & guaranteed exposure to people living around your business.

1Reach New Customers
You select a number of unique users to deliver a targeted ad 6X per month guaranteed

Increase Awareness
Reach potential customers frequently to gain lasting buying impressions!

Create An Amazing Ad
Promote specific products or services. Saturate the local audience and market!

See How It Works


A guaranteed number of unique users


For the right number of times


In the right time frame


Delivered to users in a precise location

Instead of ‘clicks’ or ‘impressions’, the guarantee of delivering a message to people living around the address of a business, with a certain frequency and within and effective period of time, ensures a real communication effect to the customer.

Gary Palmer, Owner

Gary Ray's Diner, Maysville, Missouri

"TAPLocal Marketing has hit the mark with service they have promised. My sales have increased by 25% and I am no marketing guru, but what they are doing is working. My experience with them especially my account manager Danielle has been completely enjoyable and professional."

Amy Hansen, VP Of Operations

Coaction Group, Chandler, AZ

I have completely enjoyed my experience working with Krystal from Tap Local Marketing. Krystal has an in-depth knowledge of the online marketing environment and she utilizes that expertise as she assists her clients in creating effective, targeted advertising messages.