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Capture their attention and get results.

1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram.

We can target ads to people based on how they engaged, when they engaged and create an experience that is relevant to where they are in the process of investigating your products. Facebook and Instagram provide the ideal platforms to vastly extend the reach of your product. Show your ads to more people in more places.

You can attract more people to your website with TAPLocal Click ads on Facebook.  Cut a shorter path to your site.  Click ads feature large, clickable images and text that take customers to any website page you’d like. Add call-to-action buttons to Help your audience understand what actions you’d like them to take, such as Shop Now. Every part of a link ad is clickable, including the image, ad text and call-to-action button, and can be shown in News Feed on desktop and mobile devices. Since people visit News Feed 14x a day on average, link ads help attract more people to your site.

TAP into Local and National Traffic With Click Ads!

Grow your website traffic by driving people on Facebook & Instagram to your Home page or just send them to specific pages or product pages on your website.

Testimonial Person

Jason Baker

Lion Share Management

TAPLocal has some very skilled creative people. Trying to get my web design business off the ground and needed a serious infusion of traffic. TAPLocal gave me a very aggressive Click Ads campaign that definitely pushed the right people to me. A year later Im expanding to a new office with new developers.

Mike Clingman, Owner

Bonham Vapor, TX

I have been very pleased with TAPLocal Click Ads and Push Marketing. The service keeps getting better and better. I signed up with TAPLocal for the ease of use and the ability to grow my customer base and get new people in the door. I am always being offered suggestions to keep enhancing my business. Being able to send out promotions to my customers via text continues to have a positive impact. I am very excited to be working with TAPLocal Marketing.