Achieve Success With
Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Researching, Analyzing & Creating Your Ads

With over 1 billion active daily users, advertising on Facebook / Instagram reaches an enormous audience, but requires using more complex targeting and different ad types than other advertising platforms.

Online Awareness

Facebook & Instagram account for 3.2 billion worldwide users. Don’t you want a piece of that action?

New Audiences

People view Facebook & IG an average of 35 minutes at least 8 times daily. Don’t you want that audience?

New Visitors

Bring new visitors from around the world to your website and social media pages to your exciting products.

TAPLocal Marketing offers 4 unique types of Facebook Advertisements

Chat With One Of Our Industry Experts To Find Out Which Ad Type Is Best For You

Drive More Traffic

Focused on driving traffic for a specific audience to a specific destination when they click your Facebook ad

Click Ads

Instant Lead Delivery

Lead Ads let people show their interest by providing real time opt-in leads delivered via text messaging or email.

Lead Gen Ads

Offer Ads

Discounts or promotions you can share with an audience on Facebook to encourage people to shop on your website, at your physical store, or both.

Offer Ads

6x Frequency!

Increase your Facebook and Instagram visibility with 6 times monthly views! Effective exposure to people that live around your business.

Frequency Ads

Testimonial Person

Jason Baker

Lion Share Management

TAPLocal has some very skilled creative people. Trying to get my web design business off the ground and needed a serious infusion of traffic. TAPLocal gave me a very aggressive Click Ads campaign that definitely pushed the right people to me. A year later Im expanding to a new office with new developers.

Testimonial Person

Katie Greenman

Spill The Wine. Minneapolis, MN.

TAP Local Offer Ads give us so much flexibility when looking for new customers. We can selectively choose which items to discount, how much to offer per coupon and choose the online audience we want. It's really quite a cool experience to have someone walk into our shop and present their phone with our coupon it. Gives a little boost knowing people are looking at our stuff.

Justin Gill

Gill Home Services, Mesa AZ

I had a great experience with Kristin Leitz from Tap. She was absolutely wonderful in helping create my ad and drive my business up. Kristin is very polite and professional, I highly recommend her to all.

Joe Hensley

Cathlee's Real Estate, Sullivan, MO

A Must have for every business! Not even our first 60 days in we had seen an increase of 1500% of calls coming in from Google. We have a high focus on digital media for our agents here. Our company is now populating on Google and other search engines organically and accurately across multiple platforms. Between there super competitive prices and great customer service. We are able to focus our efforts better. Thanks TapLocal and Thanks Joey G.