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TAPLocal is an innovative digital marketing company which eagerly engages small to medium size businesses that are ready for substantial growth. Our proven group of products has been fine tuned to be used independently or as your complete marketing solution. Small to medium size businesses need specialized local marketing solutions.

Meet The Team

Shaun, Scott & Kevin, the Managing Partners, have a passion for helping SMB’s reach their fullest potential — your growth makes them happy & the determining factor in their success.

Shaun Zinke

Shaun Zinke

Owner / Co-Founder

TAPLocal Marketing provides enterprise solutions for your SMB

” With over 50 years of combined business development experience, success & failure, we understand the difficulties in how to expand an organization while concurrently keeping high profits. Most owners don’t know where their target users are, how to reach them, or even how much they need to spend in order to do so. Not every organization can afford a ‘digital marketing specialist’. TAPLocal exists to fill in this critical expansion role at a fraction of the cost ” Shaun Zinke, Co-Founder / President

Everyone at TAPLocal is creatively solving marketing problems using advanced technology to grow your professional dreams, passions, goals & future. We’ve built the tools, so you can do what you do best. Whether that’s grooming dogs, baking cookies, fixing plumbing, or providing entertainment at events, TAPLocal allows you to focus on what’s important while we focus on helping you reach more customers with engaging solutions crafted for each and every client.

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