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Do Google Reviews Help Search Ranking and SEO?

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Customer Trust

Does Google Trust Your Customer Reviews As Much As Your Customers Do?

Think about it, you’re about to buy a product, service, or even visit a restaurant, and what do you do?  If you’re like most, you go and check online reviews.  In fact 90% of people check online reviews before making a purchase.  So it would make sense that Google trusts the people or ‘customers’ who’ve experienced your product or service first hand.  So, when a customer leaves a review on your business, good or bad, this tells google that not only is your business real or legit, but also that real people have experienced it and this will help with future customers in their decision making process.

More Stars = More Clicks = Higher SEO

Ok so think about it.  You search for “Italian Restaurant Near me” and are presented with 3 local businesses.  2 out of the 3 have some negative reviews and the 3rd has only 4 and 5 star reviews.  Which one are you going to click on?  SEO rankings have always relied heavily on click through rates, so if you don’t have a good appearance with reviews, you’re going to be less likely to be clicked on.  It’s that simple.  If you collect your customer’s email addresses or phone numbers and aren’t proactively asking your customers for reviews, you’re not taking advantage of the potential positive reviews that can help your business increase it’s SEO and Search Rankings.

So, How Can A Business Make Sure All Reviews Are Responded To, Consistently & In A Timely Manner?

In the past, most business owners had to juggle logins for each individual review site they had to manage.  The days of logins, passwords and trying to remember if you responded to a review are over.  With advanced platforms like TAPLocal’s Automatic Review Response and Management system, a business owner is given the confidence and reassurance that all reviews are responded to in a timely manner and their customer’s perception of their business is in good hands.

5 Star ReviewPeople Don’t Write Nice Things As Often As You Would Like.

Face it, people rarely go out of their way to say something nice, but they will often go far beyond what’s considered easy to leave a negative review.  This means it’s becoming more important for a Business Owner to proactively reach out to customers and ask for feedback.  TAPLocal’s Review Generation and Negative Review Suppression does exactly that; It promotes customers with a positive experience to leave a review on sites of your choosing, while it stops negative reviews before they can be posted online.

Want to learn more about TAPLocal’s Review Management Platform?  Call 888-882-7996 or email Sales@thetaptoy.com Today!

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