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How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

By September 18, 2018 April 30th, 2019 No Comments

In the modern business world, word of mouth has transformed into the power of the online review.  Reviews left on Yelp or Google can either boost your business or lead to your swift downfall. A few positive reviews on Yelp have been shown to boost consumer spending, whereas one really bad negative review can cost you money, time, effort and consumers!  Yes, they’re that crucial, which is why you have to know how to use them to your advantage.

Negative reviews can also impact things like social media or web traffic. Through my experience in sales, I have witnessed businesses change their name or even close down because of this. The simple and unavoidable fact of owning a business is that at some point you will inevitably get a bad review. It may not even be for something you did. It could be completely irrational or a general misunderstanding about responsibilities. Some people just like to complain.

Learn to approach reviews with the goal of giving the best possible customer experience especially when they’re angry. It keeps reviews from becoming the bane of your existence and shows your dedicated to delivering a consistent level of customer service.  It takes a level head and a lot of patience, but handling negative reviews will have positive results for your business if you follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Apologize

You’re human just like anyone else, which means sometimes you’re going to mess up.

Step 2: Fix It

Once you’ve apologized to the customer, actually fix the issue.

Step 3: Follow Up and Ask for Removal

If you’ve apologized in earnest and corrected the issue, reach out to the customer to see if they will remove their review. In some cases, they’ll remove the negative review. Even if they don’t, other people will read your response, which shows you have great customer service. Now we all know that you can’t please everybody all of the time, but the worst thing a business owner can do is nothing at all!

Good luck and happy reviews!

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